A few years ago, Photographer Jess Carrier, walked into a friend’s coffee shop for her morning brew. As she watched the coffee being made she said “I’d love to be a barista some day” her friend replied “I could use the help if you’re interested in learning”

She quickly discovered her love for creating espresso based drinks at her part-time job behind the bar of Jamms’ Java. She spent as much time as she could furthering her coffee education by visiting other coffee shops, online instructional videos, and experimenting with recipes as much as she could until the photography busy season approached and she had to get back to producing photos.

When the coffee shop closed, she entertained the idea of purchasing the equipment and supplies to open her very own shop, but the timing was off.  Every few months she visited a little folder on her laptop titled “Coffee Shop Plans” A couple years went by until one morning, she was enjoying her fresh home-brewed cup, and said to herself, “it’s now or never!”

By the support of her close friends, community, and family Jess Carrier went to work planning to open the doors of one of the best coffee houses the area has ever been to. After months of research, planning, and tasting coffee from roasters around the country. Jess is now the proud co-owner and barista at Carrier Coffee Company in Onawa, IA.

She plans to continue pursuing her passion for photography by using her experience and skills to assist other creatives in their photography careers.