Besides the Chocolate and Caramel from Ghirardelli, all of the flavors and syrups at Carrier Coffee Company are made in-house consisting of all natural ingredients: non-gmo turbinado sugar and pure organic extracts.

Why we chose to make turbinado syrup.


Turbniado sugar is obtained in a natural manner, with almost no processing, it is also referred to as “raw sugar.” This results in fewer calories because the weight of the water in the moisture is taken into account. Every 100 grams of turbinado sugar contains 100 milligrams of potassium; 85 milligrams of calcium; 23 milligrams of magnesium; 3.9 milligrams of phosphorus; and 1.3 milligrams of iron. The total mineral salt content is 740 milligrams. A single teaspoon of turbinado sugar contains 20 calories, of which just 5 grams are complex carbohydrates. 99 percent of white sugar consists of nothing but calories. Any nutritional content it might once have had is destroyed during processing. If you substitute turbinado sugar for white sugar in your diet, you will gain nutritional benefits along with the pleasure of its sweet, caramel flavor.

Raw Sugar is Vegan-Friendly

The natural yellow color of the raw sugar must be removed to create white sugar. During processing, bone char is used to help produce the color of white sugar. This bone char comes from the bones of cows. However, turbinado sugar and natural brown sugar are both ideal for vegan diets, as neither are processed in any way other than the completely natural evaporating process, with no chemicals involved.

Source: Anne Evans with Livestrong